Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ach weel never mind.

We were the funniest. But that doesn't butter any parsnips.


mapstew said...

But it does put smiles on faces!

Maybe next time? :¬)

Rachel Fox said...

You're always the funniest.

Tom Chivers said...

It was really nice to meet you - and hear you read, brilliantly - last night. I'm sorry not to have had the chance to talk more. I was quite uncommunicative, due to the stress of the occasion!
All the best,

Richard Moorhead said...

You certainly were the funniest and would have completed my night if you sat down and said, Follow that! And even a strong food theme, I was sitting there thinking holy shit! Can you tell us where to get the carbridge/cambridge book of poems? Loved them

Jean Atkin said...

I empathise with those unbuttered parsnips. And still proud to have Devorgilla enhancing our bookshelves. Also I agree with Rachel, so you are. All best x

Titus said...

O woe. The parsnips do look nice though. Can we have an argument on the etymology of "neeps" now?

Mind, you did get a trip to the Golden City out of it.

hope said...

I'll just sit here and bask in the glow of your glory. :)

Hugh McMillan said...

Tom thanks so much. It was a bit fraught though I did sense the winner knew/suspected she'd won. Really enjoyed your reading.

Richard- thanks. Am enjoying your booklet. I bought it earlier in the day and should have got you to sign it. The Carrbridge/Cambridge Poem is only available in 'The Lost Garden'. It appeared in the pamphlet 'postcards from the hedge' which is sold out, but lives on on the NLS Website here:


Jean- thanks very much. may your bridge never sink.

Hugh McMillan said...

Rachel, you should be my agent. I've said this many times.

Titus, really enjoyed London in the afternoon. Didn't enjoy the courgette home, though.

Hugh McMillan said...

Richard- what am I thinking of? I can send you a tube which has got the poem in it.
If you wish to take advantage of this unique offer e-mail me at

Wigeon said...

No, but I mind and you were so close and I'm truly sad the Hugh's didn't win this one. I love the piece and all that careful and painstaking engraving. Quite something by Hugh B to further enhance the Hugh M poem. Well done - only way to think is at least it's a way of getting a day out in that alien world!

Rachel Fox said...

I'd be a crap agent - I'm kind of scared of money. But then I am, it appears, scared of most things.