Sunday, June 30, 2019

Poetry at the Vic Beer Garden

Unlike many other poets who cross the road when they see me coming, the makar Stuart Paterson

has been a long and warm companion on many a seasonal and unseasonal day and is always keen for a chat usually over a drink. The other day, we ventured to a little known oasis in Drumsleet, the beautiful, well appointed and lush beer garden of the Victoria Arms. There we exchanged news about our recent poetry successes. Stuart is just back from a triumphant tour of South Africa, where he made many important contacts with isXhosa poets, some details of which can be found here:

He is of course one of the best writers of Scots poetry there is and was also excited to reveal great news of a new book, and many new opportunities lying ahead in the year to come. I was happy also to talk, among other things,  about my upcoming tour of the Blash o God, a multi media collaboration with a French based artist focused on the Buchanites which is due to appear in three cities and the Wigtown Book Festival.

 All in all we shared the multiplicity of rich poetry projects and achievements that you might expect from two poets at the very top of their game.

What an afternoon! I think we had eight quid between us.