Monday, June 07, 2010

Alex Berry

Alex Berry was a fine poet and a very generous and entertaining companion to me in the few years I knew him. I was saddened by the news of his death and utterly shocked by newspaper reports today about what may have prompted it.


Anonymous said...

I have just been left a message and could not believe it. I was searching the internet for the truth and it is true. I met him when I worked near his home a nicer man you couldn't meet would bring trout to me and my workmate and tell risky stories, always laughing and joking even through the darkest of times.

I am stunned

Sue said...

Just heard, I'm sorry but I won't be going to his funeral.

hope said...

Thanks for explaining...thought I'd lost my mind. Explainable this week, but unsettling. :)

Scott said...

Who would have thought he would do anything like that, he fooled us all.

Hamish said...

Like everyone else on here I'm stunned and mystified by this. I can't believe that a man so apparently forthright and willing to talk about his past life would have such a skeleton lurking in it. Or indeed have ventured to put autobiographical writing in print, and present this at public readings. Somehow it doesn't all stack up, but I'd rather reserve judgement until I knew more, which may never happen, but maybe this puzzle will never be answered. This is so unbelievably sad, it's very difficlut to think straight and objectively.

Hamish MacDonald