Friday, April 30, 2010

This Creative Mularky

is taking over one's life. What happened to the care free days and long sunny afternoons drinking hunners of pints of guinness and worrying about nothing beyond how many goals Hibs were going to give away in the last fifteen minutes or whether Lydia's go-go hampster wasn't working because it had run out of batteries or because I'd just stood on it?

Just experienced 2 days of fevered creativity. The sort I do, of course, involving lots of stress and fuck all money.

1. The Tide Machine. You should visit this if you can. it's a crazy and original construction designed to operate as a performance space while simultaneously revealing the secrets of the universe. As you can see from the pictures, it attracted a lot of attention from wet children and fashionably dressed seafood.

2. Creativity day on Thursday at school involved me taking a small group of kids and encouraging them to write stories and poems about the tide. Not content with getting the work done by the end of the day I had the insane idea to get them to make their own books containing the work. I blame Hugh Bryden for this new and sinister instinct.

3. I also have been sewing 'Lost Gardens' on the bus, at the toilet, in my sleep.....
but the book is to be launched tamara at the Bakehouse in Gatehouse and at the Midsteeple on June 2nd. Anyone who cannot attend and wishes to get the book should contact Roncadora at roncadora or press the amended button on the top right. For God's sake add to your cart.


Titus said...

God love you shug! Will be linking to this straight away.

I had the strangest dream last night about critiquing the prawns' performance from the audience, and getting cold-tentacled by the entire ensemble.

Save me a book. I'll see you right.

Titus said...

Ooh, sorry, and loved this bit:
"designed to operate as a performance space while simultaneously revealing the secrets of the universe."

Wigeon said...

Well this sheds a whole new light on sewing in the garden. I can think of stitches of tatties and more idiotically related words and phrases. I hope all your seeds come up trumps and it goes well for you tomorrow night. Chrys has given you a great flyer and sad I can't make it this time.
The TM was rather incredible ....or was it the performers who added a whole extra dimension to all things tidal and fishy?

hope said...

Okay, I'm so weary right now I don't think I could even FIND the cart.

But I'll look next week, when life returns to a more manageable pace. :)

Least the photos gave me a giggle..thanks!