Friday, October 23, 2009

Proof at Last

Brilliant programme on radio 4 yesterday with Melvin Bragg discussing the geological formation of Britain. Answered a few questions.

Proof At Last

It’s in the rock record,
but we could have guessed.
Years ago, balmy Scotland
hugged the equator,
golden beaches, lush forests,
coconuts, bars on stilts,
beach volleyball, then one day
earth’s orbit tipped to an ellipse,
plates shifted, the oceans shut,
and on that flimsy pretext
England came hurling up
from its place in the Antarctic
and slammed us with its icy spine
into the North Atlantic,
shunted right up the sheuch
of Iceland with all the ensuing
mountains, herring, sleet,
Sundays, words like sheuch…
That’s it. No need for further talk.
At last, it’s proved, it’s all their fault.


Jimmy Bastard said...

Probably one of the more polite fingers I've seen pointed towards the auld enemy.

Very enjoyable, in a Radio 4 kind of way. I may switch over fae Radio 2.

Rachel Fox said...

Boom boom.

So did you come up with 'fault' first and work towards it or did it pop up by accident? Just wondered.


Titus said...

You don't come from, or live in, that part of Scotland.

Made me smile though. Usual flimsy argument.

shug said...

jimmy- Radio 4 is it.

rachel- eternal desire for punchline. Rest of the poem came first

titus- hasn't your visa expired?

hope said...

Since I'm safely across the pond, safe from personal skewering, I like the visual of it.

Okay, so my warped sense of humor envisioned a Scotsman in a kilt, leaning against a coconut tree and drinking something with an umbrella in it.

Rachel Fox said...

Hugh 'flimsy' McMillan. Quite a ring to it.

Titus said...

Lips. Sealed.

But smiling.

shug said...

4 words in 3 sentences, Titus, all too spasmic. More fibre needed in the diet.

Titus said...

Not bloody oatcakes.

Wigeon said...

Great poem. Good to be so well sparked by the radio. Good old Radio 4.
Now then, the battle of Penpont poets ...... I see there is a dragon banner up on her blog now. Beware!