Friday, October 02, 2009

Paddy Kelly and the Banjo Tree

Paddy Kelly and the Banjo Tree

Paddy Kelly, sent oan an eerant
by his auld Mither,
wastit a the cash oan lager
an when he wis plaistert
stummled oan a banjo,
takt it hame, gey prood o himsel.
His ma leathered him.
Whit de ye think yer dain
saunterin back here bluitert wi a banjo
ye saucie gowk, an a the siller gan?
Couped it richt oot the windae.
Next day whit do ye think
but a big braw magic banjo tree?
Paddie’d tak a new yin every day
and strum a the way tae the village:
he didnae hae tae be fu tae play it,
but awbody else had tae be
tae thole listenin,
so the hale toon’s economy was sauft.


hope said...

This might just be my favorite one yet!

Titus said...

Bugger, got all the way minus understanding problems and then the last word got me. Translator on lates.

I like the banjo tree very much.

Since when have you had a beard.

Titus said...

The Red Man saved me.
It was a barrier for this lay reader though.

McGuire said...

It takes a bit of patience to read and re-read but it's worth it. A comic scene, a wee skat scene if you like. Childs tale reimagined in a more adult context.

This was nice look into a wee eccentric bit of village life. With a wee bit of magic and comedy.

good stuff shug.

hope said...

Titus, those are the poems I have to read out loud, so I can "hear" the words...then understand them. :)

Shug, however, knows my weakness for looking things up and I suspect he often throws in a word he KNOWS I don't know just so I'll have to work. ;0

Wigeon said...

I like this one! Reminds me of a true story I was told about a man, egged on by his friends, playing the fiddle way into the night. After he'd got well and truly bluitered and gone to bed, his wife buried the offending fiddle in the back garden. Soon after they emigrated to Australia and she only admitted to what she'd done some 30 years later. I don't know if the fiddle was ever dug up again!