Thursday, December 04, 2014

Book of the Year

Nice to get wee bit of recognition. Andrew Greig chooses Other Creatures as one of his books of the Year.

Saturday, October 18, 2014


Blooms on la Mur de la Memòria
colour running onto stucco and stone
like sun or bursting veins. 
Last time I saw the catalan flag
was in George Square
the night our hot Scottish summer
died. We don't want blood,
just our hearts desire,
says a drunk, or was it me?
"El desig del cor, 
guerra no, persones si,
es la via catalania, la via escocia."

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Commission over

80,000 words completed folks and handed in. Thank God. Next step another full collection of poems and a novel about Michael Scott, wizard. Watch this space.


I take off my specs
and the sea breaks to pieces
of brilliant glass,
each an electric pulse,
each a prism for the sun.
Cracking open a can of Estrella,
I take up my pen like Byron in Sintra,
or Ovid in Constanta, 
happy with the heat, the fish oil,
and the homage of innumerable fans
back home in the sleet.

Why do I think of the Solway then,
that miserable excuse for a sea,
with its rocks nudging out of the silt
like knees in a bath?
Stone upon stone I ignite a light
of a different sort, in memory,
pale on the gorse, hot in the heart.