Monday, October 05, 2009

Pottery Frenzy

A period of strange and uncharacteristic activity over the next week in the pottery field for the self effacing bard of Park View:

Firstly the bard Shug will appear at Wallace Hall Academy on Wednesday morning in three workshops with weans.

Then Thursday 8th October is National Poetry Day, or Notional Poetry Day as I prefer to call it, in which a galaxy of stars will appear at the Poetry Porch in the Midsteeple.The bard Shug is favoured to be one of the 8 poets chosen (others include Norman McCaig and Jackie Kay) to represent the theme 'Heroes and Heroines' in a series of poetry postcards issued by the Scottish Poetry Library. So Shug's spider will be ubiquitous. He will also appear in the National Library of Scotland's website on NPD with some of the poems from Postcards from the Hedge.

On Friday night, 9th October, the bard Shug will be in Montrose reading with Raymond Vettese in a gig arranged by the brilliant Rachel Fox at the Links Hotel. 7.30 kick off.

Then on Monday 12th October he will appear in Poetry Doubles with the excellent Imtiaz Dharker in the Robert Burns Centre in Dumfries starting 7.00pm.

Round about 10 in the evening of the 12th October the bard Shug will then disappear, like Brigadoon, for another 100 years.


Wigeon said...

Role on the frenzy around NPD....and then, by the sounds of things you will have earned your next hundred year hibernation.
A pal has asked me to join her for the Dfs event so I hope uni will let me off to take part .....I'll argue it's all part of my development into poetry and research.
Best of luck with all the events. I hope to make PD's at the very least. I've been lucky enough to be in it for the last two years so now it's my turn to hibernate from the taking part, especially after Spring and Autumn Wigtown events too!
Wave that heroic poetry flag for us all.

Titus said...

Every week should be like this for you, and top hole on the postcard inclusion. One of eight! Is it that rude one?

How will you be appearing on the NLS's website on NPD? Live feed or something?

Can you lend me a fiver now?

Titus said...

Especially now you're selling advertising space! Just noticed.

Rachel Fox said...

Great news about the postcard. They go all round the country don't they? Brill.

hope said...

Wow, that schedule made me tired just reading it.

So as I sit here with the cold from hell, you will be receiving well deserved adulation and applause.

At least I can say I knew you when...

Good for you!

shug said...

thanks folks: Part 1 of the programme completed, well I think. Now pottery day tamara. Come if you're within distance.

Rachel Fox said...

Picked up some of the new NPD cards in our library today! Very exciting. I wanted to hold the spider aloft and shout 'look, that's him, the one who's coming on Friday' but I remembered that they like you to be quiet in libraries on the whole.

Jimmy Bastard said...

An interesting find, I shall return here more often indeed.