Sunday, November 01, 2009

Anorak Weather

Since the sad demise of the great Harry Chamber's Peterloo Poets, I have inherited the remaining stock of 'Aphrodite's Anorak'. Anyone wishing to get their mitts on one- not you, Rachel, you get a freebie- please press the button on the right. It includes poems like 'Surprise Attacks', which is the poem I read at Jane's dad's funeral last week.

Surprise Attacks

I hear the sound of a boy
waiting to be ambushed
by his father,
that carpet of smells and roars
like a bear, all hugs and stubble.
Each step breaks on the stairs like ice
and it precedes him, this excitement,
like a shadow mad and off its moorings.
Oh should we not weep
for the ghosts of undiluted joy
and the years I cannot wish for him
but he is eager, all fists for.

It is a long minute.
He is stopped, poised on one leg
like a crane.
Perhaps he will be a dancer
or a poet
it doesn't matter.
Whether he requires it for his art or not
he will be ambushed by his father,
from the tips of pencils
the precipitation of sleep
he will be ambushed by his father,
when he is old and threadbare
and sick of such surprises,
even then
he will be ambushed by his father.


Jimmy Bastard said...

"Write lucidly, remember.
Fill the page.
Be sure to know where
dates apply. Gauge
the time. You know the drill,
and can see the sun
spark clouds of broom on dreaming hills."

A veritable Wonderland of inspiration in this passage alone.

shug said...

In case people think you're mad Jimmy, I'd better say I replaced the poem you commented on - May Revision- with another one called Surprise Attacks. Thanks a lot for your words- I've always been fond of May Revision, but it actually first appears in another book, Tramontana.

Jimmy Bastard said...

Humiliated, and left with egg upon my face. Wow woe and thrice woe...

hope said...

So sorry to hear of your family's loss...please share my sincere sympathy with Jane.

You know, that's the first poem I heard you "read" when I "found" you originally. :) It's always been my favorite.

Once again, well done.

Titus said...

Chocolates were fabulous (only two duff flavours in the whole box): can I have my free book now please?

Sorlil said...

Already got a copy which I was surprised to find in my local bookshop! Of course I thoroughly recommend it!

shug said...

jimmy- not your fault, mate. All mine.

titus- Please fill in the appropriate documentation

marion- aye I'd have been surprised, too. However, good news this morning for the out of print Shug. Perhaps a humdinger of doorstop of a book, 'Selected verse 1985-2009'?

shug said...

hope- thanks very much. I'm glad to have been found by you.

hope said...

Does this mean you'll sign my copy when I order it? :)

Rachel Fox said...

Could use the spare anorak this week.

Is that you in the Herald I see again too?

Jolly good.

shug said...

Rachel- it is sent. Why do you want it this week? Orange Book Show?

hope said...

I'm having difficulties with your book link...kindly check your e-mail. Thanks!

Rachel Fox said...

Got the book. Love 'Blethers'. A right heart-breaker.