Friday, March 19, 2010

Shug at Aye Write

A wee video showing part of the reading at Aye Write. I'm at the end after the real writers.

Shug hamming it up at Aye Write


Rachel Fox said...

Saved the best till last more like.

Was there strong coffee about (or worse)? Everyone seemed to read in an awful hurry.

p.s. growing your hair for lent?

Sorlil said...

Brilliant!! Thanks for this.

hope said...

It was like a train slowly building up steam...and saving the best for last. :)

I always love reading your poetry but I do love it better when YOU read to us! Well done my friend!

Titus said...

Was that the one that was in the book?
But yes, best till last for sure!

Anonymous said...

hello Hugh - this is awfully posh...just wondered if you would be doing another wee writing course in dumfries????? Sarah

Rutherford said...

Sarah? Sarah Lindsay?