Friday, March 12, 2010

Nebelgard Girl

Nebelgard Girl

I shone the iron wheels of her cart
as she bathed in the mere
with long necked birds.

My sisters necklaced me with samphire,
twisted tansy in my hair.
They sighed when they saw my breasts
just budded, but

my skin will not be jowled or scarred.
look at me as I leave my hearth,
smell the broom on my breath,
I will be the mother

no man has forced.
Mark it! When I am gone
flowers will seep through the earth like milk.


Titus said...

Beautiful writing.

Titus said...

And very impressed that you managed the whole poem without saying "bog" once.

Sorlil said...

Lovely, had to google it! Love the first verse in particular with the 'long necked birds'.