Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Very busy just noo. Resurrecting old poems, trying to finish Part 3 of Mac the Rabbit and plotting world conquest in the Autumn. Oh aye, and my work.

Went to 'Aye Write' a few weekends ago and read a poem at the Adrian Mitchell event before attending the Gutter launch on Saturday night. Went up with the very generous Mr and Mrs Titus. Good meeting some old weel kent faces and finding some new ones. Went back up on Sunday for the launch of Best Scottish poems 2009 which was very enjoyable, as was the Mitchell Library's Hospitality suite, the Green Room.

best Scottish pomes 2009

Only drawback was the last train from Glasgow Central, sodium yellow lighting, hot air belching from hidden blast furnaces and, of course, a male voice choir from south Ayrshire singing some trad songs about being up to their oxters in fenian blood.


Rachel Fox said...

Here lies one whose name was writ in... a Scotrail timetable.

Good to hear you're out and about with your poems anyway.


Titus said...

The VERY generous Mr and Mrs Titus. If you recall.

Looking forward to world conquest. It's about time we had a dictator I know.

hope said...

And a scholarly one at that. :)

Good for you!

Sorlil said...

Would have loved to have made it up to that event. Were the male voice choir eating whiskery fish with their chips?

Titus said...

Envelope received. I now support your bid for world domination.

shug said...

Marion: The Stewarton Glee Club had feasted on Papists, I believe.

Rachel: I Tried to get sponsorship from Scotrail once

Hope: You are, as ever, too kind

Titus: With your support I can now initiate the first stage of world domination this afternoon