Wednesday, March 05, 2008

New Project

My next project is based on a psychiatric episode I had which caused me in the course of a small period of time to bolt round the whole of Scotland in a roughly clockwise direction until I came back where I started. As I went I sent postcards home, so I had the idea of doing a small collection of poems as illustrated postcards which fit into a wallet in the back of a big specially designed fold out map of Scotland depicting the journey. This will be beautiful looking as it is being done in collaboration with Hugh Bryden, an artist (and poet) of great talent, imagination and humour. Some examples of his striking work can be seen above or at
This is one of the planned poems:
Romantic Break in the Rainy Season

In grey light the trees and hills
melt on a horizon wobbly as water.
At times like these we too
lack definition: our eyes film,
we are slow as salamanders.
We leave wet lip marks,
and footprints sunk on the stairs.
Our children gurgle like little reeds in rapids.
Hours leak by, days:
we have as bad a spell as Noah,
only fewer animals.
We are 90% water 10% metaphor,
our meeting is dissolved.

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