Friday, March 07, 2008

Notice by Highland Regional Council

Potential suicides are alerted that
Cape Wrath is not a suitable spot:
the ferry across the Kyle is seasonal,
with a vehicle from the pier at Keoldale
(if the firing range is not in use) operating
only twice a day. Also the bus is driven
by a man so crazed with loneliness
he will follow you throughout your stay
and offer to share his lunch, a kindness,
which, even in the circumstances,
would be graceless to turn down.
It is also a fact that the dank union
of rock and grass and implacable sky
robs human beings of the ability
to take decisive action of any kind.
Better for you to return,
find a B and B in Durness,
bore yourself to death.

1 comment:

Frances said...

Brilliant! I've never seen Cape Wrath but somehow I think an urban setting like a dreary motel bedroom much more the spot for desperation.