Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Up Coming Attraction

Friday 11 April 8pm
Two leading poets published by small-but-beautiful Shoestring Press read from their work.
In Deep is Merseysider Matt Simpson’s sixth collection. The first half of the book is made up of miscellaneous pieces written during the last four years. The second half is devoted to what he calls "an uncompleted sequence" - a substantial set of poems concerned with the ins-and-outs and ups-and-downs of marriage. "An artist at work meticulous in every line, savouring every syllable." (Acumen magazine)
Hugh McMillan’s latest book is Strange Bamboo. He teaches history in Dumfries and lives in Penpont – McMillan is a sharp, streetwise satirist with a romantic streak. Read his hilarious Dark Mutterings from Drumsleet blog for a flavour – you can also download a podcast of his poems.
It seems the English can't get enough of Drumsleet's second best Makar. Two readings in three months represent a virtual frenzy of activity for him, but he will I'm sure be equal to it. Sadly his travelling support - Theosyphillis Neill- will be unable to attend due to a prior amputation.

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