Friday, June 03, 2011

Medieval Day

Apologies for being a useless blogger. Much going on, literary wise and at work. Off to New York tonight. Recently held a Medieval Day at the school, though without plague, famine, pestilence etc...Nevertheless we managed story telling, stained glass, music, archery, falconry, a hog roast, a medieval walking tour and much more.


Anonymous said...

Once again, our appreciation of the extraordinary ordinaty teachers who can raise their game to put on a creative day like this for their pupils - we only did four music sessions and were knackered !

hope said...

Amazing! Of course the beautiful maiden followed by...the less than beautiful um person, was startling. :) Some of those pictures are quite magical.

You would've been one of my favorite teachers in school, no doubt. I still remember the History teacher when I was 13...because he made us re-enact WWI trench warfare, complete with school desks rearranged as trenches. I was on the "ammunition" committee, meaning I helped make all those paper balls we tossed at each other. Only "non-historical" moment? Teacher was a football coach so whenever someone was struck and "died", he'd blow his whistle, point at them and yell, "You're dead. Out!"

Titus said...

You're going to be the new judge on American X Factor?! Hugh 'The Mendicant' McMillan.

What are you holding at the coronation?

Anonymous said...

Wow, your Medieval Day beat the pants off the Medieval Day I threw at our school. Stained glass was a great idea, wish I'd thought of it... then again, it might not have mixed well with the trebuchet demonstration...


shug said...

thanks Viv- you did brilliantly.

Hope- used to do similar things with WW1 but out in the playing fields. Best re-enactment was at Beaumont Hamel itself, though. Chilling.

JoAnne- a stick with some egg boxes stuck to it, of course. Don't you think there's a spooky composition thing going on in that final photograph, especially in its size on the blog? Looks like some pose for a renaissance painting.

Everyadventure- nice to see you here. Couldnae afford a trebuchet, I'm afraid, no even a mangonel. Remember what I said about the books if you have any difficulties.

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