Sunday, June 12, 2011


Never seen them till this time last year. Appearing all the time to me now.

The Hare

Driving the pass at midnight,
emptiness rolling everywhere
like oil, we meet a hare.
Framed in the false moon of yellow light

it runs ahead of us, keeps close by
for miles through the glen,
ghostly in the car’s eye,
wild and perfect

and beyond reach. We stop at last
and watch it go, wavering still
between possibilities: the foothills
and the field of stars.


Jim Murdoch said...

This wouldn't look out of place in an collection of poetry by Ted Hughes. Not sure if you'll think that a compliment or what.

Titus said...

So good! And not Hughes-y to me. Mind, I've only read Crow.

Dipsy said...
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Anonymous said...

That poem is definitely worth a second reading.

Ordered Strange Bamboo from your page here, I'm hoping that it doesn't cost you more to ship it to the US than it did to print it! If you'd like I can reimburse you for the shipping via a PayPal deposit :)


Marion McCready said...

I love the picture, the foothills and fields of stars, beautiful.

Wigeon said...

Hares, they're just stunning creatures. I really enjoyed your poem Shug. It's full of richness and mystery. Also it reminds me of journeys home across the hills after events. We have loads of hares over here. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Hugh - Hares - what took you so long?!!!! As yo may not know they are indeed the original chocolate bunny! oh yes, Eostre as she was back when us godesses ruled the world. THat they are back and being noticed is good news id say. Ill send you my eostre poem if you like, or you can come and hear me at the Wikerman in the Indgrid Pitt tent!! hope you well and all that Sarah Morris fae Moniaive