Thursday, October 07, 2010

Happy National Poetry Day

And what better way to celebrate than with my hero, Iain Crichton Smith?

Two Girls Singing

It neither was the words nor yet the tune.
Any tune would have done and any words.
Any listener or no listener at all.
As nightingales in rocks or a child crooning
in its own world of strange awakening
or larks for no reason but themselves.
So on the bus through late November running
by yellow lights tormented, darkness falling,
the two girls sang for miles and miles together.
and it wasn’t the words or tune. It was the singing.
It was the human sweetness in that yellow,
the unpredicted voices of our kind.


Marion McCready said...

Really must get around to reading more Crichton Smith. Lovely poem, very evocative.

Titus said...

Bugger! I've posted one of yours to celebrate. You're not my hero.

Loved this.

Rachel Fox said...

Unsurprisingly perhaps, I love this one!

hope said...

Is that today? Why did I think it was Friday? Probably because I'm on vacation and have lost track of the days.

I will now go and read poems by you, Rachel and Titus to appease the Poetry Gods. :)