Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween: Reprise


My breath is white.
It’s wintertime:
more than weather
it’s the ghost of hunger,
small sounds in the night,
a strangling of light.

I walk through haar,
through the town’s cobbled crust,
past smeared shadow,
mirrors in green glass. As I go,
halos of lamp turn to will o’ wisp,
neon to bonefire.

Moon cracks cloud
and the clock face freezes.
I burrow in a guise
no wraith will recognise,
professional, of Dumfries,
out for an hour.

In my Apple-land
they quietly wait,
souls lost, souls gained,
finger tips on window panes.
I raise a glass to Hecate,
drink, ab ovo usque mala.


Titus said...

Like it! Second stanza particularly.

Marion McCready said...

The sonics are great, how's about a youtube reading of it?!

Gordon Mason said...

I enjoyed the flow to this poem with its subtle rhymes and vivid images.

hope said...

I agree with to us! :)