Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Some winter images.....will return on Christmas Eve with some thoughts. If Titus brings the rhubarb gin they may not be coherent but no change there.
Hey I've got colour! And I've coloured in the Christmas Tree poem.


Titus said...

Even better, I've located the sloe gin and the Glen Moray I stole back off you last time!
Hey, where's Herod?

Sorlil said...

Beautiful pictures, I love the top one. I don't remember ever seeing Scotland look so Christmassy!

Titus said...

Oh God, I just noticed. He's eating the straw.

hope said...

How pretty! {And your Angels as well}.

We're slated for RAIN Christmas Eve and day. That's okay, I'll just pretend its melted snow.

Rachel Fox said...

Ho ho ho.