Friday, December 18, 2009

Merry Christmas

a month of
waiting, and a week
staring out the window
the village tree is lit,
lights wound and wound
like toilet rolls for flooded noses.
Now Christmas is here the nights grow
long as laminate (a DIY Christmas joke there)
and though robin’s rocked, Santa’s
still to come, on his tractor first,
then later
with the
The wonder of Christmas?
The turning of their years,
Their stalking of time.


Sorlil said...

Is that a shape poem? Looks a bit like a tree sideways!

hope said...

I love the image of the "wound lights". :)

Looks like half a tree to me. However you spend your holiday time, I hope you're surrounded by love.

shug said...

my incompetence. It's tree shaped when I press publish but when it's published, it's half a tree!

Never mind half a tree is better than none

hope said...

No, it's not you. It's blogger. {Bless it's heart....which is southern for "It's stupid, but hey, we love it anyway}.

Can't tell you how many times I have something looking "perfect" until I hit publish. Ah well, keeps us on our toes.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

shug said...

hurrah! The tree is up!

Sorlil said...

Ha well done, now I know what the bit at the bottom is, I was looking it at the wrong way!

Titus said...

Ta Da! Not quite as impressive as the Rockin' Robins, however. I particularly liked the masks of malevolence.

Poetikat said...

My best wishes to you and your family for a very Merry Christmas!


hope said...

Wow! Pretty AND shiny. :)

Have a wonderful Christmas with your equally wonderful family, my friend.


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