Thursday, November 20, 2008

Shug: The Movie

I note that the hunky actor James Franco is to play Alan Ginsberg in the upcoming film of 'Howl' based on the famous obscenity trial.

It got me to fantasising what I would call my own biopic - in the impossible event of me having one- and who would be cast in the lead role.

I've decided on

Odd Abrasions: The Hugh McMillan Story

starring Gerard Depardieu as Shug

I think I'll have Kate Winslet as Mrs Shug, but don't tell the real one.

Any thoughts about your own legacies, folks?


Rachel Fox said...

I think you can do better than Depardieu. To use a technical term...he's yucky.

I think my title would have to be 'Jesus, is she still talking? The RF story'. No idea about the stars...someone new and unheard of, found stacking shelves in Tescos...that kind of thing. Or Jodie Foster (wearing a Kidmanesque false nose). I can give you about a million suggestions for the soundtrack though!

VinnieMcWhinnie Rants said...

I think Jonny Depp's too pretty to capture the ravaged horror of my countenance but I'd like to hang about with him while we're filming/

Susan said...

Give me Judi Dench, with a ton of makeup to make her look much older than she is...because two of my dearest wishes are to have even half her class, and to survive so long.

Call it what you like, if that happens!

hope said...

First, Rachel's right. Depardieu, although interesting, isn't right. I'll need a few moments to cast properly and I'm about to head off to a boring Staff function. I will give you Kate Winslett, for a variety of reasons, but will insist it's because she's a world class actress and would do a find job of representing Mrs. Shug. And no, I won't tell. ;)

I think we should let Rachel pick the soundtracks.

Susan: fine actress if a bit old for the role. But the things they do with make up now... ;)

Hmmm, mine would be titled, "But I AM standing up!" Sally Fields is about the right height, if a little older...guess Gidget grown up would about nail it though.

I'll be back with my casting ideas if I survive the meeting. And no, there will not be a casting couch involved.

Sorlil said...

Well I think Depardieu is a great choice. I had to search out a few names, I love watching nail-biting dramas so mine would have to be either Julie Graham (recently in Bonekickers) or Emilia Fox (Silent Witness) and mr sorlil would have to be the dashing Rupert Henry-Jones (Spooks) - how can you resist someone with a double-barreled name?

I put too much thought into this didn't I, lol!

hope said...

I want to replace Depardieu with Alan Rickman. He's classy, versatile and has a great speaking voice. Able to convey your serious teaching side, he'd still have the ability to toss out witty asides. I know, he's older than you....but remember what they can do with makeup.

You can still keep Kate Winslet. ;)

Rachel Fox said...

Yes, Hope. Much better choice. You can be Casting Director.

the broken down barman said...

think mine would be called "head up ma ass - the true story of an angry man" and would have to have les dennis as my self. the cast could be made up entirely from leftover orcs from the lord of the rings. sleverin beasts. i just love them.

Colin Will said...

The Saxoholic; an alto player who wished for a bari.

I think Santa could play me quite well (I'm mistaken for him often enough), and Diana Rigg would be my kind of co-star.

S.L. Corsua said...

The mention of Gerard Depardieu has me grinning from ear to ear. I actually love seeing/watching the guy in the big screen, in a few of his English films. Alan Rickman's a mighty strong character actor; his voice would certainly command audiences during poetry reading.

Colin Will's Santa choice has me chuckling heartily. ;) A great discussion you've had going here. I'm enjoying reading the comments as well. (By the way, thank you for visiting my blog, Shug.) Cheers.

BarbaraS said...

Dippydew as your actor: I think that is a fine choice. I 'm laughing at Rachel's 'yucky' term, though :D

I would definitely consider Brangelina to play me and the hub. That way all her kids could play as all my kids, now wouldn't that be handy?

Stooshie said...

I rather picture the Scottish character actor Brian Pettifer portraying you beautifully.

Rachel Fox said...

I watched le grand yuck in a film last week as it happens (before then I had been fairly indifferent on his subject). It was a film recommended some time back by...I think..Jim M's wife Carrie. The film is a French/Italian thing called 'Une pure formalite' (add your accent please) and it's worth a look though I can't say I loved it or anything (crazy writer cliches abound...another accent please). In it we get to see full GD big wobbling belly...or bellies...quite a trauma for the viewer. After that I could never wish him on you Shug.

shug said...

Of course you mean Brian Pettifer when he was lean hungy and soulful looking in Britannia Hospital not the fat toad-like figure in Still Game.

Activate your Blog, you miserable git. There are lost of talented and friendly people here. They might even buy your poetry book if you're able to steal a few copies from a shop, or bargain basement.

Frances said...

I second that lots of very talented and friendly people. How about Ralph Fiennes? Mmmmm. Maybe not. Daniel Craig then, as long as you're not too worried about the standard of acting.