Monday, November 10, 2008

Hedge on Tour

Gatehouse last Saturday: a very good evening. Met Tessa Ransford for the first time since we were in a tiny plane going to Shetland together about 15 years, another lifetime it seems, ago. Do you note the memorial to Mary of the Songs near Bunessan in Mull? They know how to treat their poets there.
I hope everyone within spitting distance and well beyond is heading to the Forest Cafe Bristo St Edinburgh on Friday to catch Rachel, mesel and a host of talented others. Kick off 8.00pm. See you all there.


hope said...

I am so jealous! Yet I'll be strong and wish you well.

Be forewarned, I did remind Rachel that a video would be nice since sorlil and I can't make it.

Stooshie said...

Spring tour? I might have a new poem by then. So that should qualify me nicely.