Monday, November 17, 2008

Friday Night

A fantastic night in the Forest Cafe, brilliantly organised by Rachel Fox. Such an array of talent. A great end to the Hedge Tour 2008.


McGuire said...

(There were 4 comments on this earlier on. What happened?)

Great night, all in all, Shug. Great to finally meet yourself, Rachel, and Claire. Was a nice gathering of 'likeminded' people. I'm eager to get back to the Forest Cafe and read some of my madness aloud.

I hope we can get a crowd like that together again in the future.

Sorlil said...

Fantastic!! Wish I'd been there.

Colin Will said...

And a copy of Sushi & Chips is winging its way toward you even as we speak.

hope said...

I always enjoy your work but there's something extra special hearing it read.

Encore, Encore!

I'm thinking maybe I should look into your Southern tour again, without the previous poet's assistance. ;)

McGuire said...

O, Shug, I must mention, the copy of my book I gave you is riddled with errors (not many, but enough to mean I have now got another 30 odd copies being printed off, without the errors).

To be honest, I find the errors to be entirely fitting with the spirit of my juvenile soul when most of these poems were written. (In fact, Riddle with Errors, is probably a better title. Perhaps that's the next book).

Anyway, bring on more poetry reading!

Titus said...


shug said...

cheers mcguire- enjoying the poetry. It was great to meet you.
We shall meet again soon.

Colin- that's great. Will send the sponduliks. Thanks for the photos.

Hope- you get the official invite and I'll work on the funding.

titus- what a versatile pup you are.

the broken down barman said...

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Titus said...

A dug o' pairts.

Colin Will said...

It's gratis shug, by way of a thank you.

Stooshie said...

£20 on its way on Friday.

Might even accompany it.