Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Postcard from Drumsleet

The Drumsleet launch of Postcards was well attended, and many books were sold. The Arts Association Riot Squad insisted that ticketless fans, such as Theosyphillis Neill and MacDuff, watch proceedings on a large screen in the centre of town with the result that the launch was a gentle, arty affair. (Above you can see the scene in Drumsleet's November Revolution Square, and, if you have good eyesight, make out Theosyphillis on the extreme right of the picture asking for a lend of a fiver till Monday.)
The Arts Association also thoughtfully laid on a free bus for senior citizens so that they could come from the many local retirement homes and, in exchange for a small glass of port and lemon, surrender their pensions for the sake of the Arts.
Even my sister, an aristocratic old lady of 96, came all the way from Jordanhill to put a small down-payment on a copy.
Many local celebrities attended including Dumfries' finest Makar, and the lady who, when drunk, can whistle the theme tune from Cats through her nose.
All in all it was a fine event, and merely the precursor for the Postcard tour yet to come. In the 3rd week of october we hit the Highlands! Oban, Mull and the renal unit in Ullapool.

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Sorlil said...

That is so funny, where do you get this stuff from?! Hows about fitting in a Glasgow reading during daylight hours!