Friday, October 10, 2008


A hiatus. Mr and Mrs Shug and the shuglets are off to Spain till a week on Saturday and as the highly volatile Postcards from the Hedge tour kicks off on Monday 2oth there may be little time amongst the mayhem to make blog entries. I have left Theosyphilis Neill in charge of my affairs so please send all enquries, communications, to The Secure Unit, Drumsleet and District Mental Health Hub, Gormenghast Road, Drumsleet.

Anyone remotely in the vicinity of Penpont on Monday 20th, the Oban Inn in Oban on the 21st or the Mishnish, Tobermory Isle of Mull on the 22nd October is welcome to come in and sample artistic delights beyond imagining.

And of course on Friday November 14th from 8.00 pm Rachel Fox and I and a bevy of talented musicians will be entertaining in the Forest Cafe, Bristo Place in Edinburgh. Admission Free.


hope said...

Have fun...and I will try not to be jealous, or feel the need to contact Mr. Neill. :)

Has Rachel told you that sorlil and I, somewhat unhappy that we will miss your Nov. 14th performance, have requested either video or a soundbite? No pressure.

Vaya con dios

Rachel Fox said...

Shuglets! Now that is a name for a band...or a new type of sweet...or some kind of bowel disorder medication. I love it.

I thought matching catsuits for the video. What do you think?

Frances said...

Have a great trip, Shug. I think a video definitely. And a podcast for those of us who have heard of the Isle of Mull but are unlikely to get there any time soon.