Sunday, October 26, 2008

Back Yam.

So I received my ten thousandth visitor while I was getting rattled about Loch Scridain like a frozen pea in a bucket. Thanks to all who dally here.

I am back from the golden Treshnish Isles and the long bleak wetlands of Glen More. What a beautiful part of the world, even in a force 10 when the boat can't berth and you have to hang onto the bar on the ferry with both hands and one leg.

A great night in the Oban Inn with a largely captive but hugely appreciative audience. This has encouraged me to plan Phase 2 of the Tour next Spring. The good thing about 'guerrilla' readings is that you're bringing the stuff to an audience most of which wouldn't dream of going to a poetry reading in their lives. You bring good entertainment as well as showing that poetry is accessible and relevant to everyone's lives. That's my mission statement anyway.

Tobermory not as successful I think due to wrong venue but I know what went wrong there and will avoid pitfalls like that in the future. Back to work tomorrow which will be a shock after such varied shenanigans. Then in 2 weeks a reading with Tessa Ransford at the Bakehouse in Gatehouse where I hope to shift the last of the Hedge. Then Edinburgh with the bold Rachel Fox.

In the next wee while I will lurk more among the curtain hems of Scotland's history and try and produce some more squibs.


Rachel Fox said...

I think the mission statement is one thing we have in common.

I think you may be disappointed by my lack of boldness in person however. I am scared of my own shadow! Frequently...

Colin Will said...

Hi Shug. Can you keep a copy of the Hedge for me for the Edinburgh reading please?

shug said...

rachel- you're not allowed to go all bashful on me on the 14th.

colin- certainly will. Look forward to seeing you.

hope said...

Why do I suspect that an audience will give Rachel courage? ;)

Rachel Fox said...

Let's hope we get one then, Hope!

And you are all right to be fighting over the last copies of Hugh's Hedge (that sounds weird...). It is excellent.

the broken down barman said...

Talking bollocks" and "Bollockspeak"

"Talking bollocks" generally means talking nonsense or bullshit, for example: "Don't listen to him, he's talking bollocks", or "...talking absolute bollocks". "Talking bollocks" in a corporate context is referred to as bollockspeak. Bollockspeak tends to be buzzword-laden and largely content-free, like gobbledygook: "Rupert, we'll have to leverage our synergies to facilitate a paradigm shift by Q4" is an example of management bollockspeak. There is a whole parodic book entitled The Little Book of Management Bollocks.[7]

shug said...

How dare you interrupt the flow of people complimenting me, you scallie. Remember the words of Simon Pyrites:

"those who cast the first stone should liveth in dwellings made from PVC or some other material that breaketh not."

(Simon Pyrites' 3rd Letter to the Social Work Department, chapt4 vers 8-9.)

the broken down barman said...

a word to the wise is infuriating


McGuire said...


I will be in attendance this November. Look forward to meeting you, and I'll bring that copy of my 'book' (or splurge) too. Look forward to hearing your poetry as well.

talk soon!