Sunday, July 03, 2011

Beer comes again to Penpont. Then goes.

Gala week come and gone. Clearly rigged quiz meant that formidable team containing Jock Wallace and I had to settle for second place! Beautiful sunshine for the Gala Day itself. Unlike less classy festivals nearby there's no attempt to conjure up some fake history to justify the Gala's existence. Penpont clearly reeks of history and has no need of such inventions. When Shug Bryden and I were in London last year we saw the Map Exhibition in the British Library and the oldest Scottish map on show - from the 16th Century- only had one place name from the south west, Penpont. It was a stopping off point on the pilgrimage route to Whithorn, Kings stayed here on the Dail Righ, the Field of Kings.


hope said...

That looks like a lot more fun that sitting indoors during all this heat and watching what passes for entertainment on t.v.!

Love the last shot of your ladies. :)

Titus said...

Hooray! The Car Treasure Hunt wasn't rigged!

shug said...

did you win it? Cannae have been much competition!

Titus said...

Toughest contest of the whole week.
You should come next year. The gamesmanship is unparalled in my experience.

And yes, we won it. Team name 'The Boys Who Beat The Teachers' delightfully prescient.