Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Attack of the Teletubbies heralds Easter Break

Forget the teletubbies. Look at the mess my room is. And that's it tidy.


Titus said...


hope said...

And to think I believed I might actually find a REAL chalkboard/black board in that room instead of the dreaded wipe off white board with smelly markers. :O

So how much time do you get off in April? Titus indicated lots!

shug said...

hey Hope that's not a smelly whiteboard, it's an all singing, dancing, fully computerised Smartboard.

hope said...

(slaps forehead and sighs)

My youth has now vanished. :) Oh well, on the up side, no chalk dust up the nose!

Would you believe that because my Center is a small school built in 1956, 3 of my rooms STILL have chalk boards in them? GREEN chalk boards. Maybe I can open up as a museum for the Twitter Age. ;)

Marion McCready said...

er..the mind boggles!!