Monday, February 15, 2010

The Lost Garden Pre-Publication Offer

Book's at the printers. Now comes the sewing!
Pre publication offer at:

Lost Garden


Sorlil said...

It looks really beautiful!

roncadora said...

Sharp as a needle you are

Titus said...

Could I just pop round instead?

Sparklefish said...

Hello DM, as my beloved, dirty-limerick-and-what-all-saying husband would say, "I've not seen Ma's but I've seen Pa's and it's a beaut." She's a beaut your book. What the hell does the price translate to in U.S. funds, pray tell? Irreverently yours, Toni.

hope said...

I love the creative ways in which your work is offered up.

Psst Titus...take a peak and report back.

shug said...

Thanks troops. It is a feast for the eyes. titus you can indeed come round instead. Sparkler: you'd better contact the publisher at:


and he'll arrange something I'm sure.

Thanks Hope-I'm sure she'll report back.

Stooshie said...

That's my plug for the year. All newe stuff there from now on. Can you put it on your 'faves' list thingy on the right hand side? Thankee.

Stooshie said...

I pressed the 'roncadora' link & got

Not Found
Error 404

Thought you'd want to know.