Friday, July 31, 2009

MacDuff Race Shock

Macduff's Training Camp Yesterday

Emergency services are on high alert following the news that MacDuff is to participate in a 212 mile walking race along the Southern Upland Way next week. The news has taken many of his closest acquaintances by surprise and his unique training methods have already prompted some raised eyebrows in atheletic and medical circles.

"It's unusual for a man who hasn't been seen upright since last October to engage in sudden strenuous physical activity of this nature" admitted Dr Ranjeet Singh of the Clatteringshaws Mountain Rescue Service, "but you must remember Macduff, as the Territorial Army's first prototype Cyborg Killing Machine, cannot be judged in purely human physiological terms."

Others are less optimistic. "It's a strange challenge for a man with chronic vertigo" commented his close friend tobacco plantation owner Theosyphillis Neill.

Macduff and his two companions, both prominent local aesthetes, are in buoyant mood however. "I'm completely on the ball," said MacDuff yesterday, "So far we've raised 25 million pounds in sponsorship money for local good causes. I think we'll all be back by November before the rainy season begins. It's the bears I'm worried about, though."


the broken down barman said...

no wonder they have raised so much. they keep stealing my lunch money and adding it to their fund. I hear its all a cover anyway, i heard they were going in search of the "lost Distillery", a magical and mysterious legend of some magnitude. i could be wrong though......

hope said...

At least he'll be happy...walking or not. :)

Although I fear any bear who ingests him will die of alcohol poisoning.

Titus said...

So are you going?