Sunday, July 19, 2009

the far south west

Back from a week in the Machars and the South Rhins. Lovely beaches, sunny forecast busting weather and villages that have a flavour of the north west but something extra- is it an extra degree of isolation?- don't know. Here are some
photographs. I will post on my experiences on the 7 country tour of Europe with 72 weans as soon as I recover my photies ( and my senses).


hope said...

Great photos...and I see you got hang out with pretty, fair maidens as well. :)

Rachel Fox said...

I hadn't realised you had such a large family. Look forward to seeing the rest of them.

Titus said...

Welcome back. Not very populated there, is it?

Stooshie said...

Lovely photos Shug, especially the girls in their costumes. The one of the three of you is a cracker. Give L & J a kiss from me & hopefully see you soon. Is that Dundrennan Abbey? not read your actual blog, was too busy liking the snaps.

shug said...

Thanks Hope and thanks for award.

Only five Rachel, and the boy shuns publicity

Stu- should have captioned the pics but lack the expertise.
1+3 is the Mullof Galloway, Dean's old RSPB post
4 is Glenluce Abbey
6-7 is Kirkmadrie
8 is Whithorn
9-10 Isle of whithorn and Ninian's Chapel
11- View from isle of Whithorn

Rachel Fenton said...

Hullo - I started off with Jim and I've been rambling around most of your visitors' blogs - hullo to you all too - what a great bunch you are! Lovely photographs! I expect I'll be returning.

puffincounter said...

I miss the Mull, see u soon

puffincounter said...

Ah can see ma hoose fae here. Don't you think D&G should do more with Whithorn/Ninian instead of the Burns shmaltz all the time