Friday, June 26, 2009


I am offski this evening to Berlin, then over the next while to Krakow, Budapest and Venice. Silence from here for a while, then. It would be good to get your aupport for the Peter Pan Garden by using the petition link below. It's quite correct to say that the Housing Association that owns the site is keen to restore the gardens but it would be good if we could get public awareness of the problem and perhaps generate more support and funding.

woops. Can't get my linkthingie to work


Titus said...

You still can't. But I went there anyway.
Happy Hungary! And Venice too. Now I'm seriously jealous. Basilica di San Marco is one of my top ten Churches. Quite near the top, now I think about it.

hope said...

As I melt into a pool of grumpiness, I will try not to be jealous. :)

Have fun...and yes, the American signed the petition as promised.

Sorlil said...

Lucky, lucky you! Look forward to the poems you write about your hols!