Thursday, June 18, 2009



There’s a light in the courtyard,
flowers bend to the nag of bees,
and beyond the fringe of brick and slate,
an echo grumbling like the sea-
whisperings of places I should be,
not urgent yet, that time will come.
Now, rollicking between student trees,
the brilliant mendicant sun
scratching questions on my eyelids.
What can I do but watch
the bubbles burst in double gins,
the shadows dance on table tops?
It is a sad waste of education
spending days in such illumination.


Rachel Fox said...

'Student trees'...I like that.

Titus said...

Like it. Very much.

Sorlil said...

I really like 'the nag of bees', and what a gorgeous picture!

hope said...

"Whispering of places I should be"...was my favorite line.

Then again, it's sort of reflective of my career right now. Well done, Sir.