Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Saltire Reading

Anyone in the vicinity of Dumfries is invited to Gracefield Arts Centre at 3.00pm on Saturday 21st February where I am reading my Scottish History poems,probably to the Janitor and his cat as there has been no publicity for this event, at least none that I have seen. Better people than me have read to the Janitor's cat, however. I am told by the brilliant John Manson that James Joyce once gave a talk in nearby Annan to which no-one at all came.


the broken down barman said...

im sure old syphilis o'neil will come if you offer free wine!!!!
why has there been no publicity???
a man of your obvious standing???


remember field of dreams??
if you build it they will come.....

hope said...

When you speak...they will enjoy it.

At least make the Janitor want to applaud. ;)

Montague Burton said...

Have you tried taking on the behemoth that is Dave Kelly?

Stooshie said...

I'd say the cat & janny (good name for a pub by the way) got off lucky.