Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year

Well my dears, gather round while I poke the fire and gulp down another glass of vintage port. The cat's ill, the christmas tree is listing, but it has been an excellent festive season here in Penpont, embarrasingly quiet by some previous measures, though we did establish the precedence of an annual Poets' Night out in Dumfries (we met in the 17th Century Coach and Horses in Dumfries, a pub occasionally frequented by Burns and, before him, Fergusson). Apart from that and my neice's wedding party in Glasgow (she got married in Mauritius), we have spent most of the time working our way through a tumulus of books and walking in the mist and frost. During my time off I was supposed to be writing a course on Mary Queen of Scots for my work but haven't done a syllable. Never mind.

2008? A good year I think. A lucky year. And a good blogging year. I even got to meet some of you for the first time, notably La Fox, Colin and Rob MacKenzie. When I first started this blogging mularcky I thought it was a bit of a solitary thing like a diary. I still do, but it's a diary with rich and talented eavesdroppers, all welcome.

2009? I want my family to go from strength to strength. I want to see more of the elusive AndyMac. I would like Shug Bryden and I to do my Scottish poems for the Summer and then get someone to agree to collect the poems I've done since Strange Bimbo. I would LIKE to get beyond Chapter Three of my Novel on the Mull of Galloway.
I NEED ABSOLUTELY Scotland to qualify for the World Cup.


Rachel Fox said...

I too have been surprised how blogging has turned from a quiet, lonely thing into a busy, friendly activity. It's a good surprise though.
Who would be your ideal publisher for the collection to come? They'd all be lucky to have you I think. Hell, your book might even make money if handled well!

hope said...

Happy New Year my friend!

I too was hesitant to blog, telling the person who encouraged it, "The world does not need ANOTHER opinion!" But not only is blogging cheaper than a psychiatrist, it has expanded my world in ways I never imagined. Thanks for making my quiet existence more lively...and representing Scotland so well. You and Rachel are like my tour guides and you do a wonderful job!

I received some cash for Christmas and I think it needs to be invested in a new, personalized Hugh McMillan book. I'll send you an e-mail.

Wishing all the best for you and yours this year!

Sorlil said...

Happy New Year Hugh, may 2009 be a fruitful year for you, and I hope the cat gets better soon.

Frances said...

A poetry book making money? Rachel you jest.

Happy new Year Shug. 2009 will be all the richer for eavesdropping on your lonely musings.

Stooshie said...

I see both our blogs are on subjects equally esoteric & pointless. With that in mind, I suggest we join forces & start a Fringe Zooform Verse imprint.