Thursday, February 28, 2008

Heralds of Spring

The weather’s better, the mountain passes have been cleared al last of snow and life is getting back to normal again in the Upper Nith Valley. I can resume this account too, as I no longer have to spend the nights patrolling the village with a stout cudgel repelling the wolverines that would occasionally in the winter months drift across the river on pack ice and attempt to eat the children. Soon it will be springtime and the countryside around St Dymphna’s parish Church will burst into a glorious riot of colour. Already local shepherds and milkmaids are hanging around the bus stop initiating the charming age-old rituals of courtship. I myself am preparing for the Craft Show and am already well engaged in my project to construct a life size model of Kaiser Willhelm 11 using only macaroni


Tom Donald said...

Whimsy, eh Hugh?
So it has come to this?

hope said...

A sign of spring or the fact that the absence of medical intervention has someone feel better? :)