Wednesday, October 31, 2007

New Poem


Everything must be explained,
death, clouds, oxygen,
so when we at last descend,
you neatly clip the safety card
to the seat in front of you,
and talk us through what we do
should the plane, perhaps in the midst
of this very tight turn, ditch
in the sea. You practise the head
brace, check your shoes won’t tear
the safety slide. When the plane rocks,
you watch hopefully for the masks
to drop like blooms from the ceiling.
At a standstill, you scan the morning’s
light, sniff pine, prepare to change
topics. The rest of us, as ever, are insane:
mortal terror is our baggage; we swear,
we sweat, we are defined,
but all you have with you to declare,
is pure, unfettered mind.


hope said...


Rats, I commented to you on MY blog!

hope said...

Sent you an e-mail about your book[s].

Frances said...

A great poem shug - one that resonates with all those of us who start quaking and quailing long before the point where we are told to stow our baggage securely in the overhead locker!