Monday, November 13, 2006

Good Cheer for Makar

Some good cheer for Drumsleet's second best poet this morning as it transpires that one of his poems has been chosen by editor Janice Galloway to be included in 'The 20 best Scottish Poems of 2006' to be published later this month. This has been a good year for anthologies, as the troubled bard has also appeared in Edinburgh University Press' 'Edinburgh Book of 20th Century Scottish Poetry' and the Methuen Anthology 'Poems for every Day'. This and the news that his new collection 'Strange Bamboo' is on course to be published in April will bring the misspent makar some much needed encouragement and inner strength as winter takes fierce hold in the tundra and ice-fields round Drumsleet.

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Stooshie said...

Janice Galloway, eh? That cutting-edge fictionalist with her finger on the world pulse of literature. I once spilled beer on her shoes.