Saturday, November 11, 2006


The reputation of Drumsleet's second best poet was in disarray last night following revelations that he had posted on the net poetry which, it is alleged, was written by another. The three lines comprising 'the Shortest Limericks of All Time' were actually, it was claimed, written by up to 25,000 other people. McMillan's defence, that he and a poet called Stuart Paterson actually wrote these lines together in 1999, was easily dismissed. As Paterson, a Gregory Award winning writer from Manchester, said this morning:

"It's almost true, but I thought them up by myself- he was unconscious at the time. He is just a piece of slime."

Paterson himself may regret this particular epithet as it leaves him open to charges of plagiarism.

In another dramatic development this afternoon, Dean Vaughan, ecologist and heir to the principality of Galloway, himself claimed ownership to these tiny lyrics, citing as evidence the hitherto unknown existence of a third stanza, a three line limerick-

'There was a young man from Dundee
whose limericks stopped in line three.
There. Told you so.'

The case continues. McMillan is 148 years old. This will be his second fatwah.


skelpitlug said...

There once wis a man fae penpunt,
Wha's heid took a terrible dunt,
His muse.... could'nae mind
an' his sources no find,
but that disnae mak him a plagiarist


shug said...

Wait a minute. I'm sure I've read that somewhere before. Expect a knock on your door from the Poetry Police.

Stooshie said...

This is an awful slur on my character & you can expect full retribution from the Hordes of the Dead who witnessed, en masse, my composition of these tiny, yet beautiful, artworks. Step forward to the nether bar Drew, Ali & Willie. I shall be asking questions & they shall answer.