Monday, October 07, 2013

Lost in the Mythic Landscape

After blundering about in a forest near Garlieston in the pitch dark in the early hours of last Sunday morning I feel even more equipped to enter the mythic landscape!

How could I forget how useful taxi drivers are, and what a unique function they fulfil in the creation and transfer of tales?  Based on my experiences over the last few days in Wigtown, taxi drivers are going to be essential sources of information. I met two, one of whom used to be a tree planter in Palnure who told me of the time the American army declared martial law on Cairnsmore of Fleet. The other told me some old weather lore from the same spot:
'When Cairnsmuir puts on his hat, Palmuir and Skyreburn laugh at that'.

You see? People continue to carry the lore, and add to it.

Phone call last night- "What about the two German submariners from Annan?'
Going to pursue that now....

Word of the day:  'Skraiking', discordantly squealing or squawking as in 'You'll no catch me skraikin at the karaoke'(overheard at Newton Stewart on Saturday night).

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hope said...

Ah, I like word of the day. Expanding my vocabulary in new and fascinating ways. :)

I'm sure you've already considered it, but senior citizens often remember the best stories when it comes to "the good old days". I was amazed the day one of mine told me that as a young man, he rode the Streetcar named Desire to work when he lived in Louisiana. And I always thought it was just a cool movie title. ;)

Good luck and don't forget to update us on your progress from time to time. Just enough to entice us to purchase the final product, of course.

Hugh McMillan said...

So did I think it was just a movie! Do not worry, auld heids will be the guiding force behind these tales!