Sunday, June 03, 2012

Thought it would be hard to escape Jubilee madness but forgot for a moment I lived in Scotland where many of us think plastering the house with Union Flags an affront to taste, delicacy and Scottish nationality. I see out of 9,500 street parties in the UK only 60 were in Scotland, and 20 of them were organised by the Orange Order.
Had the BBC on for a few minutes last night and heard the Archbishop of Canterbury describing Elizabeth as an English monarch which about sums it up for me.


Marion McCready said...

I was amazed to see a jubilee tea party at the end of my street, the local tories I think!

hope said...

Heard the other day that Scotland is discussing a vote in a couple of years to leave Great Britain behind. I take it you'll be the first in line to vote? :)

shug said...

Aye, I think Scotland should be an independent country. Always have.

mykwerks said...

Well, you've got me off and running to learn more about the the history of the islands. It's brought me as far as the "Darien Scheme"....fascinating stuff.

shug said...

Written a poem about that:

A Very Short History of the Darien Scheme

We turned up in the tropics to try our luck,
the Indians told us to get to fuck,
but we were very soon the best of pals
over bottles of whisky and hot mescal.
Then next we’re on the forest floor,
trying to wrestle conquistadors,
in plate armour to add insult,
but we beat them. What a result!
Then no-one turns up with fresh supplies,
so we died,
or spawned generations of freckled hottentots:
England at fault.

mapstew said...

Strangely. not a sign of a jubilee shindig 'round these parts! :¬)