Sunday, February 26, 2012

Moniaive Saturday 3rd March

Poetry! Pies! More Pies!


hope said...

Please consume my glass of wine in my absence. :)

Best wishes to you...and a group of people who are becoming more and more familiar to my eye. Pretty soon I'll think I know Rab Wilson, Hugh Bryden and Jean Atkin. ;)

shug said...

shame for you

Titus said...

Unmissable! Except we've already been invited to Helen's 60th Birthday Party. Aaargh.

hope: it's that one on the far left you want to worry about.

hope said...

@Titus: :)

I do wonder sometimes how we end up in the world's we will be sharing adoration amongst your peers...and I will be at my Dept.'s Kite Flying contest for children. :0