Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Royal Wedding

Hotfoot from the annual Eric Booth Moodiecliffe Memorial Lecture at the Tartan Bonnet (this year’s address was given by Keith, Ulrike Meinhof’s hairdresser, and gave us such an interesting and off-beat insight into the hairstyles of the extreme left in the 1970s), I was delighted to receive news of the marriage of Prince William to Kate Middleton. What a relief it will be for all those folk, unemployed or forced to work till they’re 90, on pay freezes, or faced with the shrinking of public services on all fronts, to have a fairytale royal wedding to look forward to, with perhaps even a day off work if they’re lucky to have a job by then.

Didn’t they do this to us last time, too? Giving us Charles and Diana’s wedding at the time of the Toxteth Riots? How charming that they think we’re such gormless buffoons that we’ll all fall for it. Trouble is, we will: cue endless colour supplements and programmes on the ‘People’s Prince’ with old drabs, panto queens, court correspondents, Simon Schama etc droning endlessly on.

My only connection with Prince William is a conversation reported verbatim by my niece, one of whose friends was campaigning for a post in the student union and had the temerity to approach the People’s Prince for his support while he was with his pals in a pub. “Go away you dirty badger” he cried, to an approving chorus of braying from his peers. I still don’t know what that means, but it does illustrate an important truth about these people: they might as well be from Mars, and why we waste any time thinking they’re relevant in the least to our lives or worth a single thought, unless that thought be how to get rid of them and have a independent Scottish Republic, is quite beyond me.


Rachel Fox said...

I don't often agree with the BNP but I'd be happy to see one group of people repatriated elsewhere... the royal family and anyone associated with it. They can send them anybloodywhere - I really don't care.

And I have to say I was surprised (when we moved to Scotland) to find that any Scots bothered with royal stories and all that crap. I'm afraid you seem to have just as many mindless fools here as down south.

Titus said...

I have typed my comment twice now and it will not post. Have you pressed some kind of anti-royalist button?

shug said...

rachel- You're right
Titus- The button has been deployed

hope said...

I can be quite sentimental but under the circumstances, I have to wonder about a girl who will accept the ring of a dead woman done in by the media/Queen while marrying a man who will end up looking like Charles. I thought this girl had brains?

And no, as long as "People" magazine is in print, America will not be immune to this nonsense either. They had so many covers of Princess Diana over the years that I had to check my zip code to see if I'd accidentally left the country.

You Sir, have my deepest sympathies. And to, girl, run!

Titus said...

Hooray! Henry! Pit to Palace in a hundred years! Renewal of the National Pride! Antidote to Downturn! I love the Queen.
I really, actually, do, and the whole concept of Monarchy in the UK suits me just fine. I am happy to doff. Just because someone's ancestor was good at battle and ruling and procreating and acquisition and making alliances is no reason to take against them.
Hierarchies happen.

I am with Sorlil on the ring-thing though. Bit weird.

And after yesterday's performance, actually feeling a bit Scottish this morning. Great match, and loved how Scotland utilized the weather and drug cards. Soggy, substanced Springboks! Come on yersel!

Titus said...

Oops, that's hope. Where are those reading glasses...

Marion McCready said...

"go away you dirty badger" quite! one must try this one out!