Monday, July 12, 2010

Romans and Greeks

Hotfoot from Roman fortlet in Durisdeer, situated on Roman road north. What contrasts between drookit wee bits of the Empire like this and the bleached Greece of last week.

Graeco-Roman Culture

The Acropolis, Lyndos.
Below, blue spirals between stalks of rock
and beyond, to backs of islands
inching above the lip of distance like whales.
What angles,
what spinning light to burn dreams on stone.
The men who built this dizziness
had eyes lidless, like the sun.

Hardknott Pass,
quarters carved from guts of granite,
grey slate and scrim, blown like sand.
Above, clouds knot like rope,
fill the gaps between broken shafts of mountain.
These little hard men,
leaving their slough of monuments,
built no temples.
They dreamed
of anoraks..


Gordon Mason said...

Enjoyed this. You can realy feel the comparison between colour and lack of. Even the nouns scream light or dark. And the killer last line!

willow said...

Powerful. I especially like "eyes lidless, like the sun".

pilgrimchick said...

Looks like an amazing place--and great poems, too.