Thursday, December 11, 2008

Little Girls Dream of the Snow

Though it never comes
except in stories,
their forecasting is assured,
as precise as orbits.
There will be snow.
They feel it,
they have heard whispers,
read signs buried in the sky,
when they wake up
the village will be gleaming,
cold and buried.
The BBC thinks otherwise
but satellites know nothing,
they have no faith,
there is no magic in their eyes.
Tomorrow we will be
reborn to a world both
beautiful and blind.


Sorlil said...

Ahh lovely, and the picture is gorgeous also.

Rachel Fox said...

Quite true too.

hope said...

Little girls will always wish for snow on matter how many trees they've seen. ;)

Nice sentiment.

McGuire said...

Sweet poem.

A white christmas used to be quite common. I have known a few of them but these days they seem to get rarer.

Only in the news today did I read that Russia is experiencing one of the warmest winters in its history. And it is snowing in Las Vegas.

Chaos nonetheless.

A pleasure as always, Hugh.

Melissa Crowe said...

Love that waking to gleam. We did this morning in Maine. :-)