Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More of my Scottish poems

My new project is to represent a particular period of Scottish history, with a contemporary flavour of course. You've already had my Oatcake One below. Here are some more:

The Maid

Lydia sits framed against the sun
a wide brimmed hat to shade her eyes.
Behind her the green autumn hills roll like waves
to a distance, the collision of land and cooling sea,
the busy hum and grasp of nations.
Here she is Queen of Cats and Lawns,
her fingers webbed in sugar
and the light through fairy wings is like stained glass.
Each day is dizzy and endless.
Yet her name is known:
they mutter it already, enter it in treaties,
and the corridors she must walk down
are built and scarved in shadow.
Even as she’s an angel, the child’s a ghost.

The Harbour at Caerlaverock

Beyond the brazen red walls
of the postcard castle,
a no-man’s land of mulch
where ground meets sea and sky.
There you’re ambushed,
not by a cat-walk of nobles
in gay pavilions,
their ships riding in Solway regatta,
the re-enactors dream,
but by root and ghost,
shadows come across the black Firth
bound for Wardlaw and the shifting west,
brown men, knotted like wood,
sent to die at the eyelids of the world.


hope said...

I love the way you utilize imagery:
"brown men, knotted like wood"

Each is interesting but I admit to liking the last one best...maybe its the thought of women being strong in their own way.

Sorlil said...

I very much like 'fingers webbed in sugar' and 'built and scarved in shadow'. The middle one's my favorite, that last line is great.

Rachel Fox said...

And there's you in the Herald today too!

McGuire said...

Hello Hugh.

Couple of beautiful poems.

I have been meaning to get in touch with you, it's me, ZERO from Writerswrite, all those years ago!

Well, I've got a book of poems together, finally, and I was wondering if I could impose a copy upon you.

Could you email me a (safe) forwarding address: my email is -

eager to hear from you
speak soon

hope said...

Wait a minute! Did Vinnie make off with my favorite one of these poems? Because I swear there were three of them when I first looked. :0

I'm hoping you post something today. I admit to being disappointed when I make my way through my daily list of 6 blogs [hey, I have to work some time] and your wit has not met the page for the day.