Friday, August 29, 2008

Hugh McMillan would like to invite you to the
launches of ‘Postcards from the Hedge’ ,
a unique book of poems, with accompanying poster
and map , illustrated and designed by Hugh Bryden.

Thomas Tosh in Thornhill, Saturday September 6th,
Gracefield Arts Centre Dumfries
Friday September 19th at 7.00pm.

Refreshments will be served at both events.


Rachel Fox said...

Not too many refreshments I hope...

It's a great book. I find it strangely uplifting. But then I have odd taste...


hope said...


Sadly, I must sent my personal regrets as I won't be able to attend. The jet is in the shop and I suspect the pilot ran off with the flight attendant. Good help is so hard to find, don't you think? ;) {Excluding me, the humble public servant, of course.}