Friday, September 14, 2007

On the Air


hope said...

Greetings from South Carolina in the USA! I enjoyed your first poem but hearing it read was such a treat! My ears love the sound of an accent that comes across as musical in tone. I don't know how you pronounce "Shug", but that's what my Dad used to call me as a little girl...short for "sugar".

I "discovered" you by accident while doing some research on Scotland and poets. Your blog struck a chord in me, not because I write to entertain myself, but because people who write can't seem to stop. You appear to have a sense of humor, which I treasure more than riches or fame...neither of which I possess, but at least my sense of humor will always be with me. :)

I will be back to visit again. If you care to see my own ramblings, I'd be honored to share the link. Have a wonderful weekend!

shug said...

Well that's extrrrrremely nice of you. I shall indeed visit your blog.
A sense of humour is a good barometer of civilisation, I think.
What other Scottish poets did you research?

hope said...

Alexander Anderson, Robert Burns [of course] and Hamish MacDonald were the ones I found most interesting. Then again, I was drawn to their poems which showed a sense of humor.

Please feel free to suggest more poets for me to discover. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

shug said...

Well done on Alexander Anderson- he was from just a wee bit further up the Nith Valley in Kirkconnel. The new poet from rould that area is Rab Wilson. Don't like to punt a rival but his stuff is really fresh and he's an up and coming writer in Scots. He translated the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam into Scots.

Best of all modern Scots? Hugh MacDiarmid(in scots) Norman MacCaig (in English), Iain Crichton Smith (in English and Gaelic)

hope said...

Thank you! And of course your name is on that else do you think I found your website? :) I've never outgrown that child's urge to ask "Why?" It's led me to some interesting things I'd never have thought of before.

I'm on vacation the first week in October and it appears I'll have a new reading list. :)

Sorlil said...

I very much like your second poem, great imagery and you read well.